Data Management Core

The Data Management and Statistics (DMS) Core provides support for many KU ADC activities, such as data collection on the Clinical Cohort, administrative tracking, pilot project development and review, and data management and statistical support for KU ADC pilot projects. The central focus of this core is managing and maintaining the entire spectrum of study-related information for the Clinical Cohort, as this information is collected across cores and research projects.

This core also supports research on Alzheimer’s disease and other neurodegenerative diseases by providing statistical and informatics expertise for investigators and projects that use the KU ADC in coordination with the Department of Biostatistics (including the Division of Medical Informatics).

DMS Core resources and services include:

  • Development of data and information management and monitoring systems

  • Provide the database infrastructure for the clinical research data collected as part of the KU ADC on our Clinical Cohort

  • Provide trained and experienced informatics and statistical personnel to help determine the necessary information and timing of the data to be captured for each study utilizing this database infrastructure

  • Provide data management support for KU ADC pilot projects

  • Share clinical cohort data with investigators

  • Generate data extracts of KU ADC Clinical Cohort data for investigators of projects approved by the KU ADC Executive Committee

  • Provide statistical expertise for KU ADC research projects from beginning, developmental phases through the final interpretation and dissemination of results phases

  • Aid investigators in determining an appropriate design for research projects proposing to use KU ADC resources

  • Conduct statistical analyses for KU ADC pilot projects

  • Assist investigators with proper interpretation of study findings, and assist in writing statistical methods, results, and conclusion sections of presentations and manuscripts

  • Develop novel statistical methodology when needed for proper study interpretation

  • Provide a liaison between KU ADC cores with other cores and research projects

  • Provide the data management resources to capture and link the critical pieces of information collected or generated by the various cores of the KU ADC, thereby serving as a natural liaison to facilitate core-to-core communications about the Clinical Cohort

Last modified: Sep 25, 2012
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